We're on a mission.The dineTab mission.

We believe the soul of the restaurant is the experience it offers. The idea of dineTab was born purely out of the need to better the restaurant payment experience. The status quo is often abrupt and awkward.

Our priorityExperience over anything else

How can we offer a solution that gives the customer control over their tab?

dineTab lets customers pay and share their tab without having to ask or wait for the terminal.

What can we do to support the restaurant and server community?

Instead of adopting technology that replaces people, dineTab supports restaurants and servers by helping them earn even more!

Can we save the restaurant time and money to focus on their craft?

While dineTab can live alongside a terminal or POS, it’s also fully independent making it simpler than easy to start using. No more having to rush around with a limited number of hardware devices to close tables.

How does it compare to the traditional terminal device?

We don’t charge for device rental fees, licencing fees, hidden fees or extra fraud fees. We don’t have a contract and it takes you less than 2 minutes to get started. We charge one simple rate for state of the art and secure payment processing.

How are we improve the restaurant experience?

dineTab is driven on developing a product and experience that will enrich the overall restaurant experience by offering more time and support to restaurants and servers to focus on the customer experience.

The futureWe’re only scratching the surface.

Today, dineTab offers the ability to open, share and pay for a tab.

As we continue working on our mission to improve the restaurant experience, we will develop ways to simplify the server roles, add rewards for everyone, incorporate machine learning and AI and automate mundane tasks to improve the entire experience.

About usThe Team

Na'eem Adam

The Hustler

Na’eem has always been passionate about food and technology. In 2008 he launched Le Méchant Mangeur, a blog about the local food scene, which eventually led him to host his TV and radio show. In 2010, he co-founded popular restaurant festivals, Le Burger Week and La Poutine Week and grew them across the country. He also owned a café and restaurant, learning firsthand the dedication and passion required to run a successful restaurant business. His mission is to support the restaurant industry by offering means and channels to do better business.

Mazen Akkaoui

The Hacker

Mazen is a dedicated technophile who has devoted his professional career to the world of technology for more than a decade. His experience has allowed him to develop and master various product management skills, user experience, and gamification skills. Mazen has built, managed, and improved several products in e-commerce, security, loyalty, and entertainment. He is continuously looking for ways to broaden his knowledge and creativity that he expresses through his work. His mission is to positively impact people's lives through technology.

Chris Soueidan

The Hipster

Chris is responsible for the dineTab overall user experience. He is a web artist and the founder of Loogart, a design studio. His love for the restaurant industry is obvious through his design work with Le Burger Week and La Poutine Week. He enjoys discussing and learning about user interface patterns and user retention tactics. His mission is to create a cohesive and engaging digital experience to captivate the attention of users in a relevant way.

Early adopters :)Be part of our beta.

We’re looking for open-minded restaurant owners that would want to support our mission and test dineTab at their establishment with us. In return, we will cover your payment processing fees with dineTab.

At the same time, we are looking for restaurant goers that are willing to test and offer feedback for perks and offers.