An NFT platform for restaurants


An NFT platform for restaurants

We're making it easy for restaurants to issue and have fun with NFTs. Restaurants can reward customers with NFTs, while customers holding these NFTs can gain exclusive access, rewards and promotions from restaurants and dineTab.


  • Easily start issuing NFTs to your customers with dineTab
  • Attract, retain and reward your customers.

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  • Earn free high quality NFTs from restaurants.
  • Use your NFTs to gain access, promotions and rewards from restaurants.
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With the dineTab Key, you will be part of dineTab.

  • Earn dineTab Coin rewards
  • Gain access to key holder-only NFTs
  • Get exclusive access to festivals and events
  • Enter community promotions and perks
  • Be part of our journey and roadmap!
⏱ Minting details coming soon


  1. Pre sale of our dineTab Key
  2. Launch dineTab NFT web app
  3. Public sale of our dineTab Key
  4. Share Tokenomics
  1. Rewards for holders
  2. Official Launch 🚀
  3. Earn dineTab coin with NFTs

The dineTab roadmap will continue to be updated with new and exciting features and developments! For comments and/or questions please email

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Founding Team

Na'eem Adam, CEO


Chris Soueidan, CPO


Mihai Alexandru, CTO

  • Doesn't stop coding NFTs.
  • Blockchain and NFT full stack developer.