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What is dineTab?

dineTab is the easiest way to issue and collect NFTs.

Engage your customers with unique art collectables programmed with custom perks and rewards.

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Build a community with your customers and get real consumer insights.
Increase your sales by attracting, retaining and rewarding your customers.
Leverage NFT technology to 
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Collect unique NFT art by scanning a QR code.
Be rewarded in cash, access, experiences and/or perks!
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Start collecting limited NFTs today by visiting one of our partner restaurants, events or festivals.
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Café Kuya

3 unique collectables were created by Bezoman. Collectors are rewarded with prizes and off-menu items.

Roch Le Coq

Montreal fried chicken chain offers unique dining experiences with celebrity chef Oussama for collectors.

Smoke’s Poutinerie

Collect these animated collectables designed by Loogart.

LeBronx Pizza

NYC-inspired pizza straight in the heart of Chelsea. Collect all 3 and gain access to on-site VIP events.

Le Burger Brigade

A collection of 1,000 unique collectables collected throughout Canada at participating restaurants.

Poutine Bosses

Designed by NK Studios, 1,000 unique Poutine Bosses were created and sold.

Anatha Fest

100 unique collectables were hidden throughout the festival for guests to collect. Each with a special reward!

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